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Legal Services.


Running a law firm is hard work, and designing a website shouldn’t have to be one of your concerns. Law firms that choose to work with Vitris gain a distinct and noticeable advantage over their competition. Our innovative and creative design approach allows our clients to highlight their services and target the appropriate audience.

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01 Advanced Analytics Tracking

Vitris’ built-in website analytics board keep you in the loop on your website conversion and audience behavior

User tracking includes measurements and data on where your visitors come from and where they go once they’ve exited your website

Imperative data keeps you updated on who is visiting your website, how many visitors are converting to sales, and what can be done to improve results

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02 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrations for Lead Tracking

CRM Management keeps your customer data at your fingertips to ensure maximum conversion

Website effectiveness is easily gaged by tracking what is and isn’t working on your website

Lead tracking allows you to evaluate the needs of your target market and get a leg up on your competition

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03 Conversion Optimization

Creative and flexible web designs cater to the your business and services

Professional creative designers collaborate with you to capture your branding and message

Optimized website design enhances your ability to convert visitors into potential leads and clients

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04 Driving Traffic

Automated marketing tactics capture leads and keep your customer base engaged

First-page ranking on popular search engines like Google and Bing increase the likelihood that customers find your business online

Visibility across multiple sales channels promotes positive user experience and business reputation

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05 Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising enhances helps target potential customers and generate revenue

Keyword research and expertise in the electronics repair industry boost search optimization

Service specific content increases customer engagement with your website and business

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06 Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile traffic accounts for over half of all website visits and local search engine attempts

Mobile responsive design allows customers to schedule appointments with you while on-the-go

The Vitris web builder allows you to toggle between desktop and mobile views and even change design aesthetic based on the view

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07 Lead Generation

Automated SMS emailing and targeted emailing allows you to keep constant engagement with clientele

Custom forms allow you to collect useful information from potential customers that visit your website

Website optimization helps potential customers find you on search engines like Google

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08 SEO / Local Search Optimization

SEO backed web pages ensure first-page ranking on search engines

Keyword and location-based landing pages help strengthen visibility on search engines

Optimization increases the amount of traffic coming to your website, leading to higher conversion rates

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09 Online Appointment Booking

Direct scheduling from your website allows clients to schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments directly from your website

Automated messaging saves time, confirm appointments and avoid no-shows

Pricing and services can be added, changed, and removed from your site directly from the Vitris portal

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10 Compliance

Compliance management ensures that your website is evaluated and regulated by the proper departments

Vitris’ built-in compliance manager uses marketing proficiencies and tools to make sure that your website is visible, relevant and share worthy

 A simplified compliance department approval process allows you to manage your workflow and boost sales

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