At our core we believe in open source and sharing information. We wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for others doing the same. We plan on releasing all the information possible including downloadable assets for other businesses to use, improve and progress.

Marketing Strategy


  1. Generate content that captures attention, directs traffic to the website, educates potential consumers, and drives sales.
  2. Generate consistent activity across social media channels in order to raise brand awareness, foster engagement, direct traffic to the website, and drive sales.
  3. Raise brand awareness and establish credibility through earned media placements, influencer marketing, and events.
  4. Develop paid media campaigns that accomplish specific goals to be determined upon team discussion. Goals may include raising brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, generating leads, and driving sales.
  5. Discover customer acquisition cost through paid media efforts.
  6. Drive 500 sales by October 1, 2018.
  7. Measure and analyze results of marketing strategy. Revise as necessary.


The target audience for this marketing strategy will consist of young entrepreneurs/business owners between the ages of 18-35. These individuals will operate small service-based businesses.

In the initial months of this campaign, the target audience will reside within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Other parts of Pennsylvania and national outreach will be secondary.


The objective of this content strategy is to introduce and establish Vitris as the ideal solution for helping entrepreneurs run and grow their service-based businesses online. In order to accomplish this, we will focus on capturing consumer attention and generating qualified leads through robust content marketing programs that work synergistically with other marketing communications efforts.

  1. Website
    1. Clearly communicate value proposition and ease-of-use
    2. Provide interesting and visually stimulating video and written content to capture and retain consumer attention
    3. Provide customer testimonials and feedback to strengthen brand reputation and credibility
    4. Clearly communicate brand story and values
    5. Design website to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience
    6. Position clear call-to-action across multiple touchpoints on the website
    7. Update blog frequently to optimize SEO and educate/entertain potential and existing customers
  2. Blog

    In order to optimize SEO and establish industry thought leadership, Vitris will publish three monthly blog posts centered around relevant topics such as business insights, entrepreneur stories, and user features.

    Topics and schedule:

    1. WEEK 1: Team member insight
    2. WEEK 2: User feature story
    3. WEEK 3: Entertaining business/entreneurial fiction

    All blog posts will be optimized for keywords to improve search ranking and brand visibility. The tone of the content will be light-hearted, informative, and personal. It will communicate the brand story, persona, and values.

  3. Video

    In order to capture attention across social media outlets, Vitris will produce regular video content in line with brand story, value proposition, and persona. Video will be placed across branded social media channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and through paid promotions across Facebook and Instagram


    Video content will be produced three times monthly. Videos will be stimulating, entertaining, bold, and subtly promotional. Reference Bird Dogs for content inspiration.

    Additionally, video content will highlight thought leadership and user features. Additional content will be created as necessary or as ideas arise. Additional content may include event documentation, brand stories, unique ideas, etc.

    • WEEK 1: Promotional/bold video
    • WEEK 2: Member feature/thought leadership/additional content
    • WEEK 3: Promotional/bold video

    Videos should be between 30 - 45 seconds and clearly communicate brand value through entertaining and stimulating content. Quality control: would you share this video? Would this video make you laugh? Does this video clearly communicate the brand’s value proposition?

  4. COPY

    Copy will consistently communicate value proposition, story, and brand persona. Copy will be tailored to resonate with a young, entrepreneurial audience. In order to resonate with younger audiences, tone will be informal and humorous.


    OUTLETS: Social media, website, collateral

      Additional content will include but is not limited to:

    • Memes
    • Pictures of team members, users, events, etc.
    • Press features, bylines, etc.


OUTLETS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Content will be created and shared in accordance with this following strategy. Content will consist of the following categories:

  1. Supporting Entrepreneurs: Content which supports the entrepreneurial community on both local and national levels.
    • Posts about entrepreneurial and business events
    • Posts about local and national news concerning business and start-ups
    • Small business tips and other business advice curated from thought leaders
    • Inspirational and motivational quotes about business and success
  2. Story-telling: Content that promotes Vitris directly through story-telling.
    • Original blog posts/seminars/videos/other original content that tells the Vitris story and communicates Vitris’s value proposition by focusing on team members, development, and core values
    • Entertaining promotional content related to the Vitris story and value proposition
    • Links to write-ups, press features, etc.
  3. Promotional & Other: Content that promotes Vitris directly as well as additional supporting content.
    • Content that displays Vitris’s unique value proposition.
    • Promotional content with direct calls to action.
    • Additional supporting content as relevant.


OUTLETS: Facebook & Instagram

Paid content will be utilized to reach individuals across Facebook and Instagram. Paid content will always be run in the form of a campaign in order to accomplish specific objectives. These objectives may include:

  • Improving overall brand awareness
  • Establishing thought leadership
  • Fostering engagement
  • Generating leads
  • Driving sales

We will run monthly paid content campaigns to accomplish the previous objectives in accordance with budget and goals. Paid content campaigns may look like this:

  • Sponsored original content (YouTube videos, blog posts, articles, etc.)
  • Bold, humorous, and creative campaigns that capture attention and raise brand awareness
  • Sales funnels with informational content (webinars, strategy guides, etc.) to drive traffic to a landing page
  • A sponsored email opt-in form to generate mailing lists for e-mail marketing campaigns


In addition to branded content, Vitris will utilize user-generated content through influencer marketing campaigns and product features. Ideal influencers will fit the following demographics:

  • Local entrepreneurs (initially local)
  • Success and motivational pages
  • Small business pages

Content will be placed across influencer channels to drive sales, raise brand awareness, and establish product credibility.



Facebook will serve as the first primary organic social media channel used in this strategy. Moreover, Facebook will be used to run paid media campaigns to accomplish various objectives such as:

  • Improving overall brand awareness
  • Establishing thought leadership
  • Generating email leads
  • Driving sales

Content will be posted 3 - 5 times weekly according to the following schedule:

Monday: Content Category 1 (Monday Motivation) (9:00 AM) - flexible
Tuesday: Content Category 2 (5:00 PM) - flexible
Wednesday: Content Category 3 (5:00 PM) - flexible
Thursday: Content Category 1 (1:00 PM) - flexible
Friday: Content Category 2 (6:00 PM) - flexible
Saturday: Content Category 3 (2:00 PM) - flexible
Sunday: Content Category 2 (1:00 PM) - flexible

Instagram will serve as the second primary organic social media channel used in this strategy.

Instagram will consist largely of category 2 content and communicate Vitris’s story, incorporating humorous and entertaining content. Category 1 and 2 content will be mixed in as well. Instagram content will be posted according to the following schedule:

Monday: Content Category 1 (9:00 AM) - flexible
Tuesday: Content Category 2 (6:00 PM) - flexible
Wednesday: Content Category 2 (5:00 PM) - flexible
Thursday: Content Category 3 (5:00 PM) - flexible
Friday: Content Category 1 (5:00 PM) - flexible
Saturday: Content Category 2 (6:00 PM) - flexible
Sunday: Content Category 2 (2:00 PM) - flexible

Additional content can be posted as necessary, however, content should not exceed more than 7 posts weekly. Schedule will be modified as necessary.


LinkedIn content and posting frequency will mirror that of Facebook. Content will mostly be posted early in the morning during week days.

Monday: Content Category 1 (8:00 AM) - flexible
Tuesday: Content Category 2 (9:00 AM) - flexible
Wednesday: Content Category 3 (1:00 PM) - flexible
Thursday: Content Category 1 (1:00 PM) - flexible
Friday: Content Category 2 (9:00 AM) - flexible
Saturday: Content Category 3 (2:00 PM) - flexible
Sunday: Content Category 2 (2:00 PM) - flexible

Twitter will be updated daily with content to mirror the Facebook content strategy but at different times. Additionally, appropriate content should be retweeted regularly. Weekly Twitter activity should not exceed 14 posts.

Monday: Content Category 3 (10:00 AM) - flexible
Tuesday: Content Category 2 (6:00 PM) - flexible
Wednesday: Content Category 1 (6:00 PM) - flexible
Thursday: Content Category 2 (3:00 PM) - flexible
Friday: Content Category 1 (8:00 PM) - flexible
Saturday: Content Category 3 (3:00 PM) - flexible
Sunday: Content Category 1 (2:00 PM) - flexible

Additional social media initiatives should include engagement initiatives, giveaways, and other efforts incentivizing stakeholders to try our product and follow our brand across social media.


In order to strengthen brand reputation and build credibility, Vtiris will work to secure consistent press coverage in relevant editorial outlets both locally and nationally. These outlets will include both traditional and new media.


Initial target media will include industry specific media channels and local press outlets.

  • Local media (newspapers, TV channels, radio stations)
    • WHYY
    • KYW
    • FOX 29
    • Philadelphia Business Journal
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
    • Temple News
  • Online groups (Facebook groups related to business & entrepreneurship)
    • Successful Dropouts
    • Philadelphia Young Entrepreneurs
    • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Tech blogs and YouTube channels
  • Industry specific channels
  • National and international media channels (future)

In order to reach audiences and drive interest in our product, Vitris will strive to host a monthly event centered around small businesses and entrepreneurship. Each event will have a theme to educate, empower, and entertain small business owners.

Events will be hosted at our office location along with co-sponsored events at other locations. Events will consist of an educational seminar along with other programs such as:

  • Guest speakers
  • Networking
  • Food

Events will be promoted and shared through Vitris social media channels.


Email Marketing: Vitris will distribute a twice-monthly email newsletter highlighting company updates, stories, and promotions.

    The newsletter will follow the following structure:


Email lists will be collected through lead generation campaigns, webinars, opt-in forms, and customer lists.

Vitris Community

In order to build personal relationships with and around the Vitris community, Vitris will create an online community on Facebook (Facebook Group) where users and Vitris team members can interact with each other, share tips and experiences, and build relationships. The Vitris Community will be accessible to customers as a private group.


Vitris will make an effort to be present for industry-related tradeshows and events in order to make sales and raise brand awareness.


Vitris will produce and distribute appropriate collateral including informational pamphlets, pens, flash drives, and other materials as necessary.


The ultimate objective of this marketing strategy is to drive website traffic that converts into sales. Key performance indicators for these marketing efforts will include:

  • Website traffic
  • Sales numbers
  • Press placements
  • Tools used to monitor the results of this marketing strategy will include:

  • Google analytics
  • Facebook analytics

After 6 months and as necessary, this marketing strategy will be updated to improve efficacy and meet current marketing and business goals.